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Maverick Challenge

High School Business Planning Competition
High School Business Planning Competition


The Maverick Challenge is a high school business planning competition for high school students in Southern Indiana.

The Maverick Challenge aims to further develop the innovative spirit of our region by reaching out to high school students and showing them viable career opportunities through entrepreneurship.

Students must attend a school or live in one of the participating counties.  Students may work individually or on a team of up to three students (please note - teams can consist of students from different high schools within the county.)

Students will have access to all the tools needed to take their idea from a concept and develop it into a full business plan.  Workshops and online tools will be offered in the development phase of the project.  Students will have to present their business plan to successful entrepreneurs and small business service providers.

Each county will pick Maverick Challenge winner(s) from their participating schools.  Once these winners are determined they will then compete at the regional level along with the other winners from each participating county.

This is a great opportunity to help students learn about viable career opportunities, network with and be mentored by entrepreneurs in the community, and spotlight the young innovators in Southern Indiana.

If you are a student and have thoughts or dreams of one day starting your own business, this Challenge is for you.  If you are interested in participating in this competition, please contact one of your county representatives.