Rules and Guidelines

‚ÄčThe following are a listing of rules for the Maverick Challenge

  1. All participants of the Maverick Challenge must be a high school student in Bartholomew, Brown, Dearborn, Decatur, Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, Scott, or Switzerland county.
  2. Participants may participate individually or as a team.  If participating as a team, no more than three students may be on a team.  Teams may consist of students from different high schools located within their participating county.
  3. Participants must register for the Maverick Challenge by the date stated on the registration page.
  4. In order to be eligible for the grand prize participants of the Maverick Challenge should participate in the following event if applicable in their county:  Kick-off and Mentor Meet and Greet, Business Planning Seminar, Finance Seminar, Student Pitches, Mentor Q&A, and Submission of Final Business Plan.  For dates and a complete list of events please refer to the timeline and additional rules for your county of participation.
  5. The Maverick Challenge consists of three components:  the student pitches, the written business plan, and the oral presentation.  All Teams should pitch their business idea on the date listed within the county of participation if applicable.  Times on the day will be assigned to students.
  6. All Teams MUST submit their written business plan by the date stated within their county of participation.  Judges will review and rank written business plans.  The top ranked teams will then be asked to give an oral presentation on their business plan.
  7. All participants MUST use the Pitch Then Plan format when construction their business plan.
  8. Participants MUST read and agree to the rules of the Maverick Challenge.  Failure to do so will result in elimination from the competition.
  9. While there are criteria and scoring guides for the judging of the business plans, all decisions made by the judging panel are final.
  10. Each team will be given fictional start-up funds for their business.  The start-up funds will be 10% of the initial start-up cost or $30,000.  Students MUST use whichever value is lesser of the two.
  11. Please note.  These rules may be subject to change at both the county and regional level.


Please see the website or contact your county representative for a complete timeline of events and due dates for your county.


The following are a listing of items students MUST turn in and/or complete in as part of their final business plan for the Maverick Challenge:  

  1. Copy of Certificate of Completion of the Student Pitches (In counties where pitches are completed.  See your county timeline for details.)
  2. Written Business Plan - Narrative Component.
  3. Written Business Plan - Financial Component.
  4. Electronic copy of both the final business plan narrative and financial components.
  5. At least three proofs of contacts with mentors.  These may include business cards or copies of communication with mentors from the resource list such as emails.

Maverick Challenge

High School Business Planning Competition